Marketing Resources for Realtors Breakthrough for Brokers is an amazing site with tips on: -- how to build your business -- how to keep a blog -- how to get more leads and penetrate your market. There are pre-selected templates for business cards, flyers, and email campaigns, articles about successful marketing strategies, and much, much, more! So ... why didn't your former title company show YOU something THIS valuable!
EC Purchasing (Discounts on Just About Everything!)
Exclusive to Real Estate Industry Professionals. This is the website that will save you a ton of money, and there is absolutely no cost or obligation to use it. Yes it's really FREE! Contact us & we will get you registered under our preferred vendor ID. You can save a fortune on shipping via Fedex or UPS, cell phone plans (Sprint, Verizon, ATT), rental cars, office supplies, and list goes on!
Florida Counties Property Appraiser
Look up the county assessed property value, check sales records, apply for homestead exemption online (varies by county), and so much more!
Florida County offices & public records search
Florida Clerks of Court Directory